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Motion showcase


Wordibly are a helpful, automated transcription service, harnessing the power of both AI functionality and human understanding of language. Here, I have produced a demo video to display the tech in action. This involved recreation and a visual simplification of the platform in order to retain the high fidelity throughout. [Music still pending approval/licencing]

Built in: After effects, Illustrator, Photoshop


Throughout my time at Anuvu, I have had the pleasure of developing continuous branded content for some of the world's leading airlines, Emirates being one of them. I have produced the graphics for many of their promotions including onboard entertainment/themed promotions, updated onboard system promotions, and this example for their Emirates RED collection, which is a fully animated feature displaying their products.

Built in After Effects, Photoshop

White Horizontal.png

A short silent animation made as part of a design task to promote an updated in-seat ordering system for commercial airlines. The core idea behind the brief was to show the ease of ordering food & drink to your seat with the simple flow of steps within the UI, requiring attention to detail at every screen to accurately represent the system. This video is silent as it is designed to be played on screens onboard commercial flights without audio.

Built in After Effects, Illustrator.


Working closely with the directors of Growgetter, an brand new professional marketing strategist team, I had the opportunity to create the visual identity for their new podcast, Marketing Demystified. This involved re-purposing designs from their brand package to animate the meaning and purpose behind the podcast.

Built in: After Effects, Illustrator

VPM LOGOS_2019-03.png

Having worked full time as an in-house video production specialist at Voxpopme, I had the opportunity to produce all of the businesses video content, including motion design, UI focused tutorials, animated announcements & internal communications and regular podcast content. This was my first official venture in re-defining a businesses visual identity through the power of video
All built in: After Effects & Illustrator.

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