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Working closely with the directors of Growgetter, a brand new professional marketing strategist team, we had the opportunity to create the visual identity for their new podcast, Marketing Demystified. This involved re-purposing designs from their brand package to animate the meaning and purpose behind the podcast.

Additional animations were also required, such as this countdown for the livestreamed version of the podcast. A big theme of Growgetter's visual identity is natural growth, represented by the green colouring and flowers in their brand asset library, so we really wanted to capture this through the imagery and illustrative style of their existing assets.

VPM LOGOS_2019-03.png

Voxpopme, the video insights platform, is a powerful tool for companies and marketers to get qualitative and quantitative insights to inform decisions. We have worked with Voxpopme to achieve this messaging through their marketing visuals over the years, and have a whole roster of content for their brand. 

All of these projects has involved the re-building of full screens and elements from the platform, in order to retain fidelity. This set's us aside from standard SaaS marketing, as it's all too common to see marketing and designs that use low resolution screen-shots, missing out on most of the detail. 

Voxpopme's brand is always being iterated upon, and we consistently match that evolution whilst also contributing our own ideas and concepts to help push the brand forward.  It is our responsibility to bring these ideas to life through our motion design. 

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